Time to Get Ready to Write | Classy Photo for @Mr_Blackthorne #SSRTG #LPRTG #EARTG

Nursing is Better in Asia

This beautiful woman, sultry, and curvy, lowers skirt to sit at the typewriter and pound smutpunk up your hot, horny ass (photo by officeerotic.com – let me know if you’d like it taken down) 


Fuck Force Five, bitches – Five Girls Ready to Protect the Planet at ALL COSTS

Shayna from Fuck Force Five


Triangulum Stain features an invasion of Earth by Sentient Alien Dildos

The US Government has contingency plans for this kind of emergency: Fuck Force Five (pictured above).

Read the Manual of How to Rappel Down a Giant Dildo (should the emergency arise)



Artwork by these very talented illustrators (gallery comes up random, FYI):
#1 ~soft-h #2 sekigan.tumblr.com #3 ~soft-h #4 XK-Images #5