The Smutpunk Raffle Winners

I’m announcing the winner below. First, enjoy a book (left, ‘up’ on mobile device)and get a new one every month with your subscription (right). You’ll also get access to the archives stuffed with stories, poems, and naughty photos galore!

Now, to the winners.

 Thank you for supporting the Smutpunk Raffle. There were 858 total entries and 7 winners have been selected randomly by the contest friend app. I appreciate every single one of you and wish I could award all 858 entries with a gift. To try and accommodate as many of you as possible, I have two giveaways below for ALL the contestants. Now to the winners.

The winners are…

  1. Ralph Sarkis

  2. Andrea Beata Kadar

  3. Kimmy Caldwell

  4. Gina Ferrell

  5. Anita Leibert

  6. Melissa Green

  7. Sky Moore

The prizes are…

  1. A free Kindle stuffed with smutpunk

  2. Sex Toys for him and her (courtesy of our friends at Cinnamoan Fantasy Adult Toy Shop)

  3. Gift Cards ($50 in the form of a Gift Card)

  4. A Site Shopping Spree ($35 in the Form of a Site-Wide Coupon)

  5. Cock Flavored Cocktails + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  6. Free Smutpunk Subscription + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  7. Free Personal Poem + Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

To all the other participants who did not win, you’re not completely out of luck yet. You have a one in seven chance of Winning an Amazon Giveaway if you join the Choose Your Own Kink by MJ Giveaway.  Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Also, if you’d like to join my Street Team you will get automatic free access to the mj site subscription, so please do get involved. I could really use the help!

One last thing, of course the Kindle comes absolutely STUFFED with SMUTPUNK. So congratulations to the winner who is getting books by me, Emme Hor, Red Pesca, Roxy Katt, Callie Press, Kella Z. Driehl, Sally Bend, Reed James, Kat Crimson, Linzi Basset, Christina Mandara, Jacincta Topaz, and more.







The FUTA Dicksicle Stand on Amazon #LPRTG #BookBoost


The Futa Dicksicle Stand by Moctezuma Johnson

It’s out! Live! New Release! Compra compra compra! Damas y Caballeros…Ladies and Gentleman…여러분…download the sticky, creamy dicksicle sisterhood fun now. 

Basic Plot:

A sexually repressed pregnant woman tries to solve hot flashes by a drive to get ice cream. Instead her friendship with her bestie gets tested when a FUTA-on-FEMALE ménage-e-trois is suggested by a sexy, sassy dicksicle cashier. Find out how far our heroine is willing to go to please her bestie and keep the creamsicles milkie.

Smutpunk is its own language | #SMUTPUNK #LPRTG #EROTICA


Smutpunk is its own language

smutpunk is its own language

Cafe con leche — porque gatos…

You may have seen that I’m publishing more books and sex tips in Spanish. I speak Spanish poorly, but I do speak, so that’s been an advantage as I can work with my translators to find phrasings and styles that I like. What other languages would you like to see smuptunk translated into?

Into which languages would you like to see smutpunk books translated? (Choose up to three)

View Results

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New Tabbed Smutpunk Bookshelf


New Tabbed Smutpunk Bookshelf

All the madcap cyberpunk, splatterpunk, genre-blending, gender-bending S. Punk you’ve come to expect from MJ, aka King SMUTPUNK

Click the tabs to see what books lie in that category. Start with Futanari and work your way all the way to Sci-Fi. 

Futadelic (see review

Romancing the Hot Stone (see review

Futa Dicksickle Stand (Cumming May 29th) — Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season One)

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season Two) — Cumming Soon — Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

Messy Blowjob Gunge Pie Steak Pi Day

Promotional Poster for the Steak and BJ Bundle

Jane’s Steak and BJ Night Surprise (see review

The Nose (see review

The Steak and BJ Bundle (see review

Real and Imaginary

Poisonous Apples

Smutpunk Poetry (coming soon) Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

The Black Book (coming soon) Join the Mailing List to Get Notifications of Release Dates and Sales/Freebies!

Click the Tongue for Fun

Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

A story all about YOU in which YOU make all the decisions!


Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

Triangulum Stain 2 – Battle for Alien Relish

The TriStain Universe Episodes:

Pop & Lollie (Teabagged by the Sentient Lollipop aka the Candy Cunt Saga)




Am I missing something? Let me know. Please share this ever-updating bookshelf with your followers, too. Thank you.

Find Your SMUTPUNK Name: From G-strung to the Kitchen Cowgirl, names rock!


Click the image to enlarge and find your SMUTPUNK name

One of the fun parts of writing SMUTPUNK is the names. Check out the smutpunk wiki for some of the great names that have already come out over the years. You’ve met Princess Chuckhole, Bob Von Bulge, and the rulers of Alien Relish called SLUTS of the OBLONG table. Now any self-respecting fan of depraved protein painting will have dreamed of having such a moniker herself. Well, here at SMUTPUNK unincorporated, dreams do come true one aka at a time.

By the way, according to this, I’m Motley Van Verga. Verga means dick in Spanish. What’s yours? Please leave yours in the comments section. Enjoy!


Pulp Covers: SMUTPUNK on Skates (aka The Butt Plug Blues)


Pulp Covers: SMUTPUNK on Skates (aka The Butt Plug Blues, Romance on Roller-Skates) by Emme Hor

skull-candy-roller-skates-smutpunk1. Asian SMUTPUNK Book One: Romance with Skull Candy & Roller-Skates

RomanceAlphaBillionaire20012. Romance with the Alpha Billionaire


3. Smutpunk On Skates Romance



4. Throwing Roller-Skates in the Trash Chute


5. The Bundle of Books 1-4


These four books take readers to Malaysia and give you an exotic, sexy taste of Asian Smutpunk. Click to get all four of these books or one inexpensive bundle. Emme is known as the First Lady of Smutpunk, the Asian Smutpunk, and wife of Moctezuma Johnson. She spends her time mixing perfumes for a well-known designer and enjoys writing as her downtime. Whether or not she took a bukkake when younger can be neither confirmed nor denied.

Video Promo: Romance with Skull Candy and Roller Skates


Video Promo: Romance with Skull Candy and Roller Skates

Promo by Moctezuma Johnson and Book by Emme Hor


Heather is a sweet Asian office worker with an obsession brewing. She’s trying hard to please him and going further and further. He invites her into an abandoned movie theater and things quickly escalate until she gets a way more sensory filled experience than she could handle. Read this Asian SMUTPUNK from the First Lady of SMUTPUNK Emme Hor.