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Smutpunk Books by Moctezuma Johnson as listed on Amazon



The Sex Manual


Triangulum Stain Series

Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

The Battle for Alien Relish


The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series

The Complete Season One

Part 1 – The Hotel Bukkake

Part 2 – The Devil’s Breath and Angel’s Touch

Part 3 – The Nymph and the Epiphany

Part 4 – Taboo Affairs

The Complete Season Two (in progress)



The Steak and Blowjob Ongoing Stories

The Steak and BJ Bundle

Jane’s Steak and BJ Night Surprise

The Nose

Romancing The Hot Stone

Dump the Futa President



Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

The Adventures of Sarchasmo v. Apographia 

Bored to Tears by My Asian Husband



The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends

Poisonous Apples (The Book of Real & Imaginary Girlfriends 2)


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