1948 – Futa Boxing Gym 2 (Quest for the Magic Jump Rope) by Moctezuma Johnson


1948 – Futa Boxing Gym 2 (Quest for the Magic Jump Rope) by Moctezuma Johnson

I’d like to share a new Futa Boxing Science-Fiction & Fantasy Erotica book that I think you’ll love. As Tamara McLanahan says, “This book will show you why Moctezuma Johnson wears the Smutpunk Crown.”


“This Magic Jump Rope Heals All Ills”

The jump rope is fraying. With Minae’s marriage on the rocks, the rope is the only thing that can save her. She and the keepers of the rope band together and encounter characters and obstacles that will test Minae’s character, resolve, and desire.

Is all this trouble worth it to save a marriage? Probably not, but Minae’s finds out the safety of planet Earth is on the line. In a race against time, Minae must rely on dubious allies and former enemies to save the Magic Rope from a once in a lifetime catastrophic futanaria event. Can she suck it up and deal? She’s going to have to.


 Full Spread Ahead: a Poem Remix with Images #DirtyPoem #SmutpunkPoem #LPRTG


 Full Spread Ahead

with her ass cheeks spread open
head buried in the sheets
asshole stretched out and open
like a train tunnel to a foreign land
back arched
lips parted
thighs thick and smooth
panties damp at ankles
she seems about right
for me to jam my locomotive
full speed into her

She wags her tongue

I wage war and
power my engine
though her ass
until she screams her own name
in absolute reprehension
and I cum
deep up her asshole
i make her clean me off
balls deep



Book Review: Futanari Moans


Book Review: Futanari Moans and the Mummy’s Hand (Job)

Book Review by Moctezuma Johnson futanari-moans-smutpunk-book-review

As soon as I saw the cover for Sally Bend’s new book I knew I would love it. The cover had the sexy, pulp look that I love in a futanari tale. Sally Bend is an intelligent writer who sets the standard with the transgender community, so between cover and writer I felt this book was a must-read. My first impression was correct. Futanari Moans comes as advertised. The writing is really tip-top and the cover art is stupendous. Author Sally Bend, an authority in the Transgender community, does an awesome job blending a story taking place deep in an ancient tomb rigged with booby traps that our heroine, Futanari Moans, must pass. The main character has the sexy elements of Tomb Raider plus a giant glistening dick that won’t stop spewing into a condom (for cleanliness, I presume). The plot mixes the action adventure of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Black Collossus with the main character’s flashbacks of painful lab memories with disaster looming in the recesses of her mind. There are hints of Futanari Moan’s troubled past sprinkled in as she takes on the sudden dangers of flying spears, drowning by sand, and poisonous dart attack, which she must conquer, evade, and survive to rob this tomb. As the story progresses the drama gets freakier and yuckier but in a weirdly satisfying sexual way. I’m not going to spoil the payoff at the end by clumsily telling you what phantasmagoric nastiness befalls Futanari Moans but I guarantee you that if you’re a fan of futa fiction and hot action your mouth will be wide open and you’ll need that box of nearby tissues.


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The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet | Requested Poem | #DirtyPoem

I offer this Poet For Hire service that lets you get a personalized poem. You fill out a form and voila. In 48 hours a brand spanking new poem will be all yours. Here’s one with the emotional parameters of Lust, Anger, Power: 

The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet

For ‘Beta’

Richard’s cut
like a fine Italian tailor
hemmed his waist
put shoulder pads into his bones
like a makeup artist
rouged his cheeks
patted down his hair
and cherried red his lips

Eliza’s draped with curves
like a stylist picked
her ass and tits
like a cosmetics guru
upholstered her bones
with the finest silky skin
for sale on Planet Earth

They adore each other,
Richard and Eliza
across the red carpet
Eliza’s touches the arm
of the MC doing introductions
trying to butter him up
Richard’s heart rate is up two ticks
he sees the MC on top of his wife
Eliza’s legs spread
her fingernails caressing the MC’s back
his cum leaking out of her shaved pussy

On this red carpet,
Richard sees the MC’s hard cock
pressing against his silk suit
Eliza’s making the MC excited again
Richard’s blood boils
his pores open
As Adrenaline of Jealousy
courses through his bulging veins
hands ready to rip limb from limb
twist this MC twit’s hard dick
clear off and throw the bleeding dick
into the street

Richard, fangs bared, glares at Eliza
she looks back at him
shimmies her shoulders
in her
sexy dress
cleavage hopping
Richard sighs loudly
like in pain
Eliza winks at him
Richard can’t help it
He’s fully hard

Which kind of Titty Fucking is Better? #BigTits #TittyFuck #Russian #TittyTuesday


Okay, boys, what’s better? Having your wife/girlfriend titty fuck you while she gets fucked from behind, or having her titty fuck you while her friend with small tits watches from behind her?

In the first example, you can kiss her and feel her love when she wraps her tits around your dick. You can jizz between her tits as the big dick in her pussy or ass makes her cum. However, in the other example you can get your wife’s friend to blow you when your wife gets tired of working your cock through her tits. You can jizz all over your wife’s friend’s face. It’s a tough choice, isn’t it? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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