Butt Plug Blues 4 – SMUTPUNKed Roller-Skate SLUTS in the TRASH CHUTE


Butt Plug Blues is a major affliction stabbing Asian women, both hot young chicks and older, juicy MILFs. See what kind of plague there is going around and what Heather and her mom Lana can do to stave off butt plug hysteria.

There’s nothing else to say about this book except download it right fucking now and roller-skate into Heather’s life as she tries to find her life as an Asian Submissive to a powerful white, alpha male.

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Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Episode No. 1) w/ Asian Submissive


Asian Submissive Smutpunk Available Now

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This is the first installment of the psycho-thriller surrounding Jynx and Moctezuma. It has everything from cum-fetish, BDSM, obsessive love, jealousy, revenge, self-destruction, and love. The Hotel Bukkake Party is a tale of an obsessive, co-dependent relationship for the ages. One of passion, suspense, thrill, sex, betrayal, voyeurism, cum-play, and love.

Jynx is an obsessive girlfriend who is wildly in love with Moctezuma. She is a beautiful Asian Submissive who Moctezuma always wanted since the moment she walked into his English classroom. Unfortunately, he keeps getting action with many other girls and she’s pissed at the sluts. She cannot stand the psychological humiliation of knowing that he has broken her heart, left her to find her way in the seedy meat-market pick-up joints of Korea where she gets severely used by groups of guys (hot interracial sex and bukkake scene), and started dating a gorgeous supermodel who will do anything Moctezuma wants. Jynx’s personality gets tested and she goes from a submissive to a manipulative minx who concocts a plan to destroy this woman and return to Moctezuma’s side. Many things backfire from the onset.

Will Moctezuma and Jynx be reunited or will Jynx be the one humiliated in this psychological thriller laced with heavy doses of brutal smutpunk erotica?

It’s a fucked up, psychological study of how far a girl will go to keep her man. The book has lines like this:

Jynx put the knife to my neck. “You make the bitch drip your cum out of her pussy into mine or I’ll cut your fucking balls off.” She nibbled on my ear as she said it.

The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series is not for the faint of heart. DO NOT DOWNLOAD EXPECTING ROMANCE or you may vomit (and I definitely will). This book has been used by psychologists to cure frigidity. 

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Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Episode No. 3) w/ Hot Asian Teen


Meet the Hottest Asian Teen in Erotica

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This is the third installment of the psycho-thriller surrounding Jynx and Moctezuma. This episode starts after the utter chaos of episode two and finds MJ trying to get his bearings while he notices he’s in the custody of this gorgeous Asian Teen, a nymph with a great rack and incredible body. He tries the whole episode to piece together what is happening to him while trying not to get seduced by Jynx and ensnared all over again. He wants his freedom! But what will be the price? Jynx has emerged as a completely manipulative psychopath. Just see what’s in her fridge.


I want episode 4! January 29, 2015

By Connie Cliff

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The third installment of the Chronicles starts in a dazed state, since MJ (the protagonist) has been drugged by his psycho girlfriend. When I was reading this, I actually felt like I was dazed myself – the power of description in Moctezuma’s writing is spellbinding. Someone called his prose “maniacal”, and I have to agree. This kind of narrative may be hard to stomach for those who are used to the common vanilla fare. But brace yourself, sit down with a strong beverage in you hand, and just read it (though I do recommend you read episodes 1 and 2 first). You’ll feel so utterly immersed in this foreign kinky world of MJ’s mind, that you’ll struggle to get back to reality. When you do, you’ll ask, Where is the next episode? Before I wrap this up, I just have to say that Tasha was my favorite character so far. Hot, Eurasian, and friendly – what more could you ask for?

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired – Season One (episodes 1-4) – Bundle by Moctezuma Johnson


This is the complete Season One of the series that makes peoples’ jaws drop. It’s SMUTPUNK put in a blender coming out like a smoothie. Have you ever had a SMUTPUNK smoothie? Well, get on it. Click the button below to learn more about the book from Amazon. See what they’re saying about it on Goodreads.

Praise for the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series:

“It left me speechless!” says Spoiled Rotten on the Amazon review page of episode 1.

Bella Swann says, “Fans of humiliation bukkake dripping with dark humour will not be able to get enough of this series!”



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science fiction erotica love poems

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Erotic Science Fiction: Triangulum Stain


Erotic Science Fiction from Moctezuma Johnson

A chemical from deep in the pinwheel formation, many star systems away, has somehow found its way into the desert on Earth. It has entered the atmosphere in a NASA capsule and has busted loose of the capsule. Now it’s on the prowl turning average Earthlings into sexed-up alien love slaves.

As the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to the apocalyptic hour, the government lands on the scene with it’s highly trained Five Hive WiB Force. These female MIBs clad in gorgeous latex outfits have been dispatched via supersonic jet. Why? That’s their task: seducing alien threats into submission. Yes, that’s where your tax dollars go, Americans. Ask the GOP in the next debates!

What has landed on Earth?

This extraterrestrial called the stain is an agent that gets into men’s cum. Every time a man ejaculates he creates a monster. When any man in Beaver Lick, Arizona finishes, he falls into a deep sleep and the liquid turns into an living, moving silicone-made sentient Alien Dildo that preys on young women. These sentient dildos (the real campy bedrock of this Science Fiction Erotica) can asexually reproduce and they want to and they want to spread for Dildogeddon.

Triangulum Stain is a erotic science fiction story about how a team of scientists created long before this alien relish lands in Arizona work to thwart Dildogeddon. Luckily for them a few civilians who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and the Five Hive (each with a peculiar and amazing skill) try to help stop this erotic alien takeover of Earth.

Will Earth survive or will all be sexed to death?

Finding out is a fun, sarcastic, campy thrill-ride. It’s black comedy and it’s erotic smutpunk. Some say it’s Michael Crichton gives Philip Dick to Mika Tan. I think it’s a B-movie up there with “Milked by the Yeti”. You decide.

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Sexploration gave a Wonderful Review

Also, introducing the first “pulsing” and “vibrating” book cover ©2015 by Moctezuma Johnson


Hire Poet | Poem for loved- (or hated-) one

Moctezuma's SMUTPUNK'd abs is a poet for hire

I’ll stop what I’m doing and scribble you a poem

Get an MJ-style poem emailed to your loved one or hated one (anonymously, if requested) with just the right and wrong words to make an incredible impression. I specialize in hate poems, sex poems, revenge poems, lust poems, and even romantic poems. Try me out. What do you have to lose?

I will email you the poem and will allow you a revision.



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I Am Not a Whore, Am I? by Emme Hor


This is Part 2 of the Confessions of a Whore Series by Emme Hor.

Part 1 of the series is The Lust Awakens (no not the Force). Part 2 is when Brittany starts to succumb to her wanton desires. A handsome Middle Easter man asks her how much to take her to a Thai hotel and from there she descends into a whoredom most women dare not dream about. The problem is that her self-esteem and her relationship are both at stake as she tries to make sense of what she is if she’s giving head to strangers, and going up and down elevators just to ride.


I Am Not A Whore, At Least Not Yet!

emme hor

Brittany is suffering from severe ennui. She’s in a comfortable relationship in a small town in the USA. She was raised in Asia and finds the stability of American life oppressive after the honeymoon phase of the  exciting move dies down.

Something inside her stirs thanks to a cool, hard Popsicle. It’s an erotic meal that gets her head spinning. She can no longer deny it. Even a room full of copy machines with their dumb, endless pumping is getting her juices flowing. Something has released the rogue DNA that had been dormant in her. Now she’s at odds with her nice, comfortable boyfriend. She can’t hold in the raging tide that’s filling up her every thought and fiber of her body. These are her secret confessions, things that haven’t happened. Things that are on the verge of…darn, her boyfriend is in the way telling her to behave. Eat your Popsicle properly, he admonishes her. What’s she supposed to do now? She loves this guy and wants to be with him but there’s an untapped passion storming through her. Every guy she sees makes her feel like she’s missing out. She needs something to satisfy her. She needs a change. This three-book series is the story of her fight to excite herself to the fullest and quench that wanton thirst. It begins here, with all of Brittany’s self-worth and her relationship at stake.

I Am Not A Whore, At Least Not Yet

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The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends

Sex on a Stick

What goes on behind closed doors? What goes on in the shadows of alley ways? This book of erotic poems and fiction from Moctezuma Johnson yanks the doorknobs from the doors and throws the doors open like a Sexual Cowboy busting into a Rough Saloon. Each poem is a spotlight onto a private act. As you read you get to be voyeur to the most intimate moments. You get to see things most people don’t want you to, things you have always wanted to see. You get to be the dirty things themselves in this blend of Porno-Literary Madness laced with sexual tension and an overriding sense of longing for women and love. This book of poems and fiction is poignant, it is perverse, it is perverted, it is lonely, and it truly explores the human condition.


Review by Poetess Extraordinaire Misti Rainwater-Lites:

Sex on a stick. Sex as corn dog, a carnival snack snatched and devoured in between the Zipper and the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Sex on a swizzle stick. Sex as vodka soaked olive, tongued and chewed and swallowed despite Justin goddamn Bieber on the jukebox (some bars in America still have those but they usually play the wrong goddamn music) and the wrong goddamn hand on your thigh.
Are there wrong hands? Are there wrong thighs?
In The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends there are no wrong hands, thighs, tongues, lips, penises or vaginas. It’s all good it’s all right and up all night high on cough syrup or something similar and shameless and blameless in its unholy writhe.
Eat this. It is good.
–Misti Rainwater-Lites (rock star, author, porn star, poet)

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the Butt Plug Blues 1: That Fucker (uncut version)

Heather is in love with her man who she calls That Fucker cause he is so mean to her most of the time. She does everything for him that includes spreading, kneeling, wrapping, yet she still finds abundant messages from other women: invitations, photos, and thank-yous-for-last-night. She’s at her wits’ end. Why does she stay with him? She’s attractive. She has another guy they call Charlie the Wok in her office sniffing around her. She is considering giving this new man a shot. He is nothing like That Fucker. He is a decent man. She should go out with him and she knows it. Then her boyfriend surprises her at the office with a present. Will this be everything that she wanted from him? the dawn of a new mutually beneficial relationship? or does That Fucker have one more thing up his sleeve that will drive her into the new man’s arms?

Uncut, Uncensored, 100% Hardcore Literary Page Porn from the First Lady of SMUTPUNK Miss Emme Hor. This is the uncut version of of Romance with Skull Candy and Roller-Skates.

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