Choose your Own Kink SEXcapade

This is a full version novelette (over 7,500 words) in pieces about you. You make the decisions, you choose the kink. It’s your sexcapade and anything can happen in the wild world of Moctezuma Johnson’s SMUTPUNK.

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Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Episode No. 2): The Devil’s Breath & Angel’s Touch

Episode 3

Available Now at Amazon only!

This is the second installment of the psycho-thriller surrounding Jynx and Moctezuma. It has everything from cum-fetish, BDSM, obsessive love, jealousy, revenge, self-destruction, drug use, and love. This whole first season is slated to be 4 books long (with another season in the works). Click the links to find out more about this great book in an outstanding series or put it in your cart and pay here. After you pay you will be directed to a page where you can download your file in mobi or epub format, ready for any e-reader you need.

Dump The Futa President

Praise for Dump The Futa President

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

If you are a sick of American politics as I am (and I know I am), dive in. See what really goes on behind the scenes. But be brave! Nobody loves a loser! This book is hilarious and full of well-earned vitriol and confusion about what the blue blazes is happening these days.


Format: Kindle Edition

The main character is deeply in love with Tronald Dump but he’s a Mexican alien which allows him to satirize the system. He’s an alien from Mars, not an illegal alien. He’s on Earth because he’s out of junk on Mars and knows the intelligence community has a hook-up.

If you are looking to inject a little lightheartedness into the insanity of this year’s presidential primaries, this is the book for you. Author Moctezuma Johnson’s quick wit digs deep into the heart and psyche and reaches you on a level that will leave you laughing. Satire and sex at its best.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Hilarious, imaginative, and weirdly a turn-on

Erotic Science Fiction: The Battle for Alien Relish


Erotic Science Fiction: The Battle for Alien Relish — Part Two of the Triangulum Stain Series

It’s Dude, Where’s My Car, Men in Black, Day of the Dead, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space mashed up and served with gravy (not the Thanksgiving kind, more of an Alien Relish). Check out Episode 1, if you haven’t already. It’s free! You can buy Part 2 from Amazon at the link below.

^.^ Triangulum Stain 1 ^.^

Triangulum Stain 2 – The Battle for Alien Relish

Poca Hotits and T. Ronald Dump Sing Dixie

Poca Hotits by Moctezuma Johnson SMUTPUNKist

Poor innocent Poca Hotits, she gets brainwashed into exterminating the Mexicans in T. Ronald Dump’s live reality TV audience. Trump, err Dump, has no idea where she got the idea and decides to concede the race if Mrs. Clitskin will sing him Dixie with a discreet part of her body. This is a hoot. This is satire. This is SMUTPUNK, babies!

Note: Poca can be said in place of puta, like heck for hell in English. 

Poisonous Apples

Put a white alpha male in a fish bowl with hot Asian females and this is what you get: smutpunk poetry. This book is laced with humiliation, facefucking, and more nastiness. Enjoy!

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THE SEX MANUAL – Instructions for Men and Women


The Sex Manual – Essential Tips for Beginners to Gods/Goddesses

The the Sex Manual may be the best reason ever to read Moctezuma Johnson. This non-fiction, self-help book is written with the usual MJ humor and panache but this one gives practical ideas that you can apply to the bedroom tonight. Why should you be rubbing two sticks together in an attempt to heat up your partner when a quick read of The Sex Manual will hand you a virtual flamethrower to torch the place?